SubSpace Render

About SubSpace Render

Nowdays more and more unbiased and phisically based renderers come up. These renderers are phisically accurate also on levels that are invisible for the naked eye. They use research results to accurately mimic the light behaviour and do complex mathematical calcualtions. They might lack some tricks to reduce noise and be unable to render non photorealistic scenes.

With SubSpace Render my goal is to increase the optionally biased and non photorealistic choises in the open source area. It will allow users to do renders with direct lit only materials and sharp shadows for really quick animations, render photorealistic scenes with some tweaks to reduce noise, do toon shaded and endge detected renders and even near phisically based images. I priorize speed and simplicity over phisically correctness when the shader still looks photorealistic.

My plans for the initial beta version is to provide the static library, the command line program, the graphical application and the tool to build custom clients. Users will be able to use SupSpace Render with the standard format or create custom versions with their own extensions for shaders, textures and colliders. Coding principles focus on simplicity and maintainability.