Website Template

2016. 01. 13.

It has been a long time since the last entry. I have created the Rudanium Template, which is a simple tool to quickly create a modern static website with multiple pages sharing some common elements. It does not try to be an alternative to big content management systems, it simply provides includable html boilerplate snippets, css styles for various responsive layouts, a default theme and some generally useful scripts. Except for the tutorial and some improvements of the image gallery, it is complete and can already be used.

Borbás Apartman

Lately I have been working on a 3D model of our apartman. Me and my wife are going to slightly refurnish it, and it will be useful to have a vizualization where we can quickly test and render various layouts. Later I would like to bake a full render to textures and create an interactive and maybe virtual reality version of our home. The models and materials are very simple yet, but the renders already look nice.