Games Roadmap

2015. 04. 29.

The next milestone is to refactor the code of all my games. The resolution independent on screen texts and menu will be based on the same script, and the overall structure of the game logics will be built up on top of the game states pattern. This will result a better scaleability. I also want to develop a good method for cross referencing the games, especially redericting players to the proper market from the free versions and combine all my scripts into one framework.

The third milestone will be to update some functionality: Making interactions touch friendly, adding more in-game instructins and congratulations, adding high score also for PureBlocks. I will also implement any required part for touch devices, so tablets will soon be supported.

When the framework, codes and touch support are polished and properly working, I will start working on TiltYourBall version two. The previous version will be pushed into lite and the payed will be updated with new levels and elements: Circular maps, moving platform, rotating elements and switches. Since TiltYourBall is my most original game and has the best quality of all, I will concentrate on making it even better.