Games and Games

2015. 04. 28.

Mostly I have been working on my games. And also a little on my games. TiltYourBall, PureBlocks and FamousCube are now available for Mac, Linux and Windows, and also demo version are provided. All three are selling on the Mac App Store and via Humble widgets. I am currently trying to also put the demo versions to the Mac App Store. There they must be called lite and mini to be masked, beacuse demo or trial version are not accepted. The app reviewers are sometime carelessly rejecting apps because the controls are not listed, despite they are. Good news on the other hand: TiltYourBall for Leap Motion is now free, and it is featured on their App Stores main page!

Experinmental Shader

I have created an experimental fragment shader ray tracer. It drawrs three recursive ray traced speheres, two mirror like and a refractive and a panormaic background with manual multisampling. The color, position and size of the spheres, the background, the index of refraction, the bounce count and the multisampling quality can be controled via uniforms.