Game Engines

2014. 04. 21.

Somehow I feel the need for a game engine that is simply a library set and can be used from a compiled language. Why code the game logic in a slower interpreted languages? The result is theoretically slower. So I tested mainly the GamePlay3D and Maratis3D engine. The later is intended to be used with an editor and Lua. Earlier I even wrote code that made it easier to use it natively, which I almost contributed but sadly never got close to complete it.

But this is nonsense. Usually the game logic uses minimal reasources compared to rendering and physics. And possibly beating Unity for example in these areas is hard with the mentioned open source libraries. Running the rest on Mono is fast enough. Automatic compiling and reasource imports make both development fast and the results acceptable. Sad to say, but one has simply no time to deal with the competitors. Integrated game development solutions are the way to go.