I Have Been Busy

2014. 03. 30.

Many things happed since my last post. I have been working on many things, exploring languages and widget libraries, trying to archive some projects to gain some free time. I decided to discontinue Pass Script and Pass Shell. I will keep the code that allows the core component to be extended. Also I am thinking to put aside the GentleBall game. This depends on how much selling games turn out to pay. I would make it to behave like MiniPool and leave it behind.

I realized that the fun in game development comes from the graphics and visuals and some interactiveness. But creating whole games can be sometimes boring or too big work. I am thinking about making simple interactive and mysterious 3D art instead and maybe a virtual gallery for my artwork, to present them in an exciting fashion.

When I was selected to be in the Leap Motion Developer Program, I was looking forward to create a game for the Leap Motion Controller. Originally I wanted to change GentleBall, but a new game happened to be created. The purchases are not going well. I will give two chances for game development: Try to upload a proper trial version and to sell it also in the Mac App Store.

I feel that I should simply make my work open source and free to download from my website. It really would be simpler and somewhat more noble. I already shared some archived work. My goal is to make things exist. So I reduced my todo list. In the next period I want to release Pass Macro and clean its code up. Finish my minor MineSweeper game and clean up GentleBall.

SubSpace Render, Hue Framework and the Alpha Language would be my remaining main projects besid the minor toy ones. The rederer is obvoiusly the closest to be really useful. The Alpha Language will be only a concept for a very long time. But I still think that creating a good language concept is important.