Starting NoteTaker

2014. 06. 16.

As SmallMark started to take better shape, I thought it would be useful to create a note taking app based on it. Initially I created a simple realtime converting and rendering solution to try the markup language. But I got in the mood to create a whole desktop application.

I never created a full desktop application before. There is the MineSweeper and some games and experiments, but those are not the same. This app should handle saving and loading and some other complex functionalities like switching and removing document.

First I eveluated languages and widget toolkits. I decided that the best is to go with JavaFX. I am not a great Java fan, it has poor support for native compilation, no generics and no operator overloading, but mostly I am comfortable with it.

JavaFX is a powerful framework with a nice and familiar API. Familiar since I have been working with a similar Java GUI API for two years at work. Being able to design widgets with CSS, precisely aligning and coloring them is a nice thing.